Uses For Presentation Folders

The use of presentation folders is the smart way to organize all your hard copy documents, not only for personal storage use, but also for those seeking employment, participating in conferences, workshops, and classes. The best way to purchase these folders is in bulk, and you can find them in any office or school supply center, or get great discounts shopping online.

Presentation folders come in different sizes and types, so you will need to determine what you want that folder to do for you.

If you are presenting personal material to a prospective employer, you may want to place your documents in a clear sleeve or plastic folder, the impressive cover letter being on the front. That way, the employer can glance over your information and qualifications before viewing your detailed resume.

For the student, presentation folders come in all colors, textures and themes. Depending on what is required by the classroom instructor, each assignment folder can be a different color for each class, making it simple to keep track of, and to grab quickly when you need it.

Some classroom teachers require students to maintain subject folders meticulously for regular inspection, that have various side pockets designated for certain papers. The multi-pocket folder is great for organizing and prioritizing materials, yet easy to transport and store.

If you want the information to stay in a specific order, you may want to consider the folder with brads on which to secure paper with holes to fit notebooks. There are also adjustable folders that actually come as one front and one back that are fastened together with a “rabbit ears” clip, placed in one side of the folder, then the documents, finally the second half of the folder. This allows for great adjustability, but is a bit cumbersome when adding or removing documents. The same clip can also be used on the inside of the folder, and can be used at the top, letting you use your documents as a flip chart.

Presentation folders can also come with a space on the front for affixing any cover art or material. Some come with a plastic sleeve front cover, in which to insert introductory documents.

When presenting before a group, use the assistance of an adjustable table easel on which to spread your larger presentation folder. You are then able to exchange or shift documents “on the fly” without losing them on the floor while teaching or presenting. Whichever style you choose, you will find folders that will adequately meet your needs.

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