The PowerPoint Presentation Would Suck Without You – The Smart PowerPoint Presenter

Have you been through long-hour seminars or talks where the presenters actually using less PowerPoint (PPT) slides and their presentation really inspire their audience? If you ask the same question to others, you would get mixed responses from them. One common thing about these presenters is that they have improvised their speech and brief through each and every PPT slide before they start presenting them to their audience.

How could you exactly become one of these talented presenters in order to improve your presentation skills have better engagement with your audience?

In this case, let’s us call these talented ones as “Smart PowerPoint presenter”. They usually make PowerPoint looked obsolete but they primarily need them for better engagement with their audience. Here are a few tips that you can follow to train yourself to become a smart PPT presenter:

1. Always study your material wisely – You need to understand the whole material before you start delivering them to your audience. Then, you need to highlight as many important points as possible which are later included in your PPT slides.

2. Simplify your important points and summarized them into a few short lines – You must not copy the whole context into your slide – i.e. copy-and-paste paragraphs into your PPT slides. Avoid using unsuitable abbreviates which are grammatically incorrect when you are truncating long sentences. Therefore, you need to use short phrases like “Make a Better Plan” instead using the whole sentence – i.e. “How to Make a Plan Today”.

3. Treat these slides as your cue cards – Once you have study your material properly and you need cue cards to remind your next line or to make sure you are following the sequences of your presentation. Thus, you can treat these PPT slides as your cue cards, instead using cue cards which are made of paper.

4. Use the basic slide template – Take Steve Job’s presentation as an example, he usually use dark-colored slide layout (dark blue or dark purple colored background) with white colored text. Such template works perfectly in any occasions including meeting with your clients, giving out a public lecture or seminar and etc. Furthermore, using such basic template could boost productivity when you are preparing your PPT slides.

5. Cut down those unnecessary parts of your presentation – This is the most difficult part, which is cutting down those slides or scripts that are redundant. Hence, you need to improvise your speech and review all your slides for several times so that you can reduce those unnecessary parts appropriately.

Let’s us make a vow that we can become a smart PowerPoint presenter so that we can gain good rapport from our audience.

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