Do You Really Need to Attend An FHTM Business Presentation To Build Your Business?

Many people often wonder if it’s necessary to attend an FHTM business presentation to succeed in the business. This question will obviously garner different responses driven purely by the individual’s subjectivity. However, to be fair, let’s look at why you should attend and why it’s also OK to leverage alternative methods of prospecting for your business.

Obviously, the primary reason for attending an FHTM business presentation is to get you and your guests engaged and activated through the FHTM community and their success stories. Let’s face it, it’s hard to attend a live network marketing meeting event without the main guest speaker masterfully electrifying the crowd with enthusiasm and hope.

From that perspective, an FHTM business presentation can be a powerful recruiting tool for distributors. In essence, it removes the burden of you having to be an expert closer and places it on the hands of a master sales person who can truly invigorate your guests through the power of dream building and other communication techniques. Consequently, you stand a much better chance of enrolling your prospects to the business when you get them to these types of events.

On the other hand, many modern-day network marketers feel that an FHTM business presentation is not really necessary anymore. Internet marketing trends like social media and video marketing provide a platform that brilliantly leverages technology to build a powerful personal brand and bridge communication gaps. It also places the emphasis on you and your personal attributes–not so much the company.

Blending internet marketing with your network marketing business model has proven to be as effective, if not more effective than a live FHTM business presentation. That’s because by building a brand centered around your unique leadership qualities and making it easily accessible online, you allow people to connect with you at more personal and intimate level. This creates powerful rapport that encourages your prospects to believe that if you–a real person just like them could succeed–then so can they.

So do you really need to attend an FHTM business presentation to be successful? In the end, that’s a matter of choice. While it will require more skill and patience to build your FHTM organization via that route, it certainly does work. For a growing group of individuals, however, nothing beats the power, speed and leverage of building your business on the internet today. This is the path that will work best for 97% of network marketers who have historically failed in MLM in the past.

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The New Trend In Birthday Present Ideas

“Once a new technology starts rolling, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” – Stewart Brand

I think that quote is good. Especially when applied to birthday present ideas and what you give people. In today’s day and age, it’s no longer cool to give quick and easy last-minute presents or cards any more. People want thought and personalisation behind the effort. To be made to feel special and feel like they mean something to you.

The prime example of this is the basic gift card.

Nowadays you can get them personalized at stores like: Macy’s, Toys R Us, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. They have “all added gift cards this year that can be personalized with a photo or other image. Dunkin’ Donuts lets people download photos or messages to get printed on cards. Target has 17 new gift card options this year – including some with lights and sounds – and one that can be personalized with a photo.” Quote

Even Walmart is in on the act and offering personalized gift cards.

If companies like mega-companies like Starbucks and Walmart are offering personalisation like that for their gift cards, what does that mean for the rest of us? It means you should rethink your birthday present ideas and add a touch of personalisation to them. You have so many options today it’s unbelievable. All you have to do is log online and type in the words “personalized” or “customized” with the key word that you are after.

One gift that is leading the way for birthday present ideas are custom made figurines. They look just like the person – just miniature.

These haven’t been available to the public too long, but now with the internet they are now available to anyone with an internet connection. Custom figurines have taken Japan by storm and will be sure to sweep the rest of the globe soon.

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Ideas For Presents That Never Go Out of Style – Classic Creative Baskets With Gourmet Delights

Ideas for presents that are stylish and never go out of season are delicious creative baskets. Gourmet edible delights and goodies line the baskets with best wishes and good taste for your recipients. These works of art are beautifully designed for your shopping pleasure and your recipients delight.

Ideas for presents are gift baskets for women. The bath gift baskets are delightful gifts for women who love to shower themselves with serenity. Bath and candle gift baskets let her rest in the quietness of her mind with a dab of chocolate.

Ideas for presents are also gifts for guy friends, husbands and sons. Thank you gift baskets, sports and themed gift baskets lets you decided what message you would like to convey. Snack baskets also have fun themes to choose from: Movie gift baskets, snack attack baskets, office gifts and more.

Ideas for presents are gift baskets for kids. These colorful creative baskets are filled with kids activities and edible delights that kids of all ages will love. You will be a big hit when your surprise arrives.

Ideas for presents are college care packages for the student or for someone who is a distance from home. Send them a wish for success today. You will often find these creative baskets in the Get Well Baskets or care package sections of gift basket sites. You will also find creative birthday care packages in birthday gift basket sections.

Ideas for presents for a family gift idea that will make them smile are in the themed snack baskets. Families can enjoy the Game Time Care Package together, as they share delicious edible delights and compete for the winning position at Yahtzee, Uno, or Checkers.

Fall and Thanksgiving gift baskets will soon be released as the colorful fall paints beautiful landscapes across the nation. It will be a time of giving, reflections and counting our blessings. These fall creative baskets can be viewed on most gift basket sites today.

Classic creative baskets are delicious ideas for presents that make us smile. They are gifts of beauty and style and are delivered right to your recipients’ door. They are a pleasure to give and a delight to receive. Jewel of a gift idea!

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Birthday Present Ideas for Your Best Friend

Of course, you want to come with the perfect birthday present for your best friend. You may want to give your best friend something that is really unique and special. Think of the best birthday present to show that you appreciate and cherish your friendship.

Sometimes you may feel lost because you always think that your friend have everything they could possibly need or use. Most of the time you think for a birthday present that he may really want.

However, you could be wrong. There’s always something out there that will have a special meaning because of the fact you gave something on his special day. Here are some birthday present ideas for your best friend. Consider these items to surprise her and make her happy.

1. If your best friend is an art lover, look for a present that is something unusual. Instead of going to the mall, keep your computer on cue and shop at online stores of American museum and art gallery sites that sells replicas of ancient gift items and modern art memorabilia.

2. If your best friend is a book lover, you may buy a gift card from your local book store or to an online merchant. Create and design your own bookmark to make sure that your friend will cherish your thoughtfulness. You may also get to your computer and type a friend poem or your favorite song lyrics. Add some graphical designs and get it laminated to make it more presentable.

3. Bring your friend to the spa and beauty salon. You may purchase a sturdy cosmetic kit and add all the stuffs you need fro a do-it-yourself spa. Include facial creams, body lotions, face mask, scented oils and a manicure set. This will surely make her really happy for her birthday.

4. If your best friend is a wine lover, a gift of wine may symbolize the feeling of appreciation for his friendship. You may find many online wine merchants over the internet. Select a variety of wine bottles to show how much you thought of his favorite collection. You my also consider a personalized engraved bottle of champagne or vodka.

5. If your friend loves nature, you can give your friend a gift that is made of recycled materials of all kind. There are beer cans that have been made into beautifully designed mugs. You can also find online sites that feature great gift ideas made from recycled materials.

6. For a friend that loves music, you can make up a CD that features her favorite music. You may add in a gift certificate to an online downloading music site.

7. If your friend is an avid sports fan, you may buy a pair of tickets to your local sporting event. Make sure that you’re going to watch your friend’s favorite team. After the game, you may eat dinner together.

These birthday gift ideas could be just the perfect birthday present for your best friend. You may also come up with other ideas that are unique and thoughtful. Explore and expand your imagination for more unique birthday presents ideas.

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Uses For Presentation Folders

The use of presentation folders is the smart way to organize all your hard copy documents, not only for personal storage use, but also for those seeking employment, participating in conferences, workshops, and classes. The best way to purchase these folders is in bulk, and you can find them in any office or school supply center, or get great discounts shopping online.

Presentation folders come in different sizes and types, so you will need to determine what you want that folder to do for you.

If you are presenting personal material to a prospective employer, you may want to place your documents in a clear sleeve or plastic folder, the impressive cover letter being on the front. That way, the employer can glance over your information and qualifications before viewing your detailed resume.

For the student, presentation folders come in all colors, textures and themes. Depending on what is required by the classroom instructor, each assignment folder can be a different color for each class, making it simple to keep track of, and to grab quickly when you need it.

Some classroom teachers require students to maintain subject folders meticulously for regular inspection, that have various side pockets designated for certain papers. The multi-pocket folder is great for organizing and prioritizing materials, yet easy to transport and store.

If you want the information to stay in a specific order, you may want to consider the folder with brads on which to secure paper with holes to fit notebooks. There are also adjustable folders that actually come as one front and one back that are fastened together with a “rabbit ears” clip, placed in one side of the folder, then the documents, finally the second half of the folder. This allows for great adjustability, but is a bit cumbersome when adding or removing documents. The same clip can also be used on the inside of the folder, and can be used at the top, letting you use your documents as a flip chart.

Presentation folders can also come with a space on the front for affixing any cover art or material. Some come with a plastic sleeve front cover, in which to insert introductory documents.

When presenting before a group, use the assistance of an adjustable table easel on which to spread your larger presentation folder. You are then able to exchange or shift documents “on the fly” without losing them on the floor while teaching or presenting. Whichever style you choose, you will find folders that will adequately meet your needs.

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How to Make Your 60-Second Presentations Sizzle

Great 60-second presentations all contain elements that capture your audience’s attention. There are words that seem to have almost a magical air to them. Others carry lots of emotion and some just motive others to action. In this article, I will cover several of these magical words and other essential elements that you must have if you want your 60-second presentation to sizzle.

First of all, what do I mean by sizzle. My definition of a sizzling 60-second presentation is a presentation that captures the audience attention, hold it like a vice and then move that audience to act on your behalf. Now that we are on the same page as to what I mean by sizzle, here are five items that will bring more sizzle to your 60-second presentations.

The first element you have to add to your 60-second presentations is something that will get your audience’s attention. I call this first element “the opening salvo”. My favorite technique is to ask relevant question or ask a riddle. I often start out with the words; “Did you know”, then ask a question usually tied to some current event or sensational headline. These headline usually grab a persons attention because of the words used in them are dynamic and emotional. An example might be; did you know that last year more than 80,000 people in the US had been hospitalized because they used Tylenol? I would then go on to tell the punch line, which then allows me to transition in to my own emotionally charged story. The key point here is to grab the audiences’ attention with “opening salvo”. This grabs your audience’s attention and gives you the momentum to move into your story. Your story has to be related to your “opening salvo” in some way for this to work. By using, the right words in your story you will be able keep your momentum and their attention.

The second thing you must make sure you do is use emotionally charged words through out your 60-second presentation. This allows you to keep their attention all the way to the end where you will empower them to act on your behalf. I have done a lot of research to find which words carry the most emotionally charged weight. These words can carry both a positive or negative charge. You want to use words that primarily have positive connotations. Here are a few of the word I use in my stories; Easy, Healthy, Love, Safety, Proven, Results, Guarantee, and Excited. There are many others highly emotionally charged words that are not listed here. I devote a whole chapter in my book to this subject. Check out 60-Second To success if you want to learn more about these magical words. The point to remember is that positive words draw people to you and negative word push people away. Both types of emotionally charged words will hold your audiences attention. Make sure your words are nudging them it the right direction.

Third, you need to make sure that your message is focused and has a specific outcome. If you try to ask for a half dozen different types of referrals, you will lose your audience and most of them will not know what you’re really looking for. On the other hand, if you only ask for one very specific referral, your message will be easy to follow and your audience will stay with you longer. Another advantage of being specific is that your audience/referral partners do not have to mentally work as hard to find you referrals. By being specific, you have done most of the hard work for them. Keep your message focused and specific. Being specific will always be terrific.

Forth, your task is to empower your audience. You empower them by giving them specific directions on what to do when they recognize your referrals. If you want your audience to have the referral check out your website, tell them to do this. If you want them to set and appointment with you, ask for that. If you are trying to get your referral partners to ask your prospects to meet with you, ask them to get permission from the prospect for you to call. Ask that they give the prospect your card. Giving your audience clear and specific instructions empowers them to act on your behalf. Add this piece to every 60-second presentation and your referral numbers will go way up, especially if you are not doing this now.

The fifth and last element that will give your 60-second presentation sizzle is to make sure you end your presentation with a memorable catch phrase or memory hook. Memory hooks should make you stand out in a positive way. They need not rhyme, but should be unique to you if possible and easy to remember. Using memory hooks is a way of branding your special talents, skills or product. This is important because good catch phrases will trigger a conditioned response to remember you. You should pop into the listeners’ head anytime your memory hook “plays”. Memory hooks, catch phrases, slogans and jingles are all branding elements. Make sure you are using memory hooks to brand yourself in a positive way. This will definitely increase your recognition and get you more referrals.

Using these five techniques will radically transform your 60-second presentations for bland to bam, from dull to dynamic, from so-so to sizzling. Word of mouth marketing is more that just meeting and greeting people at business events. Being systematic, prepared and professional will increase your credibility. If you use attention-getting headlines like my opening salvos, emotionally charged words to maintain momentum, a focused easy to follow story, ask for a specific out come and use a unique memory hook, your 60-second presentations will take you to the next level. Using these techniques in your presentations will all add up to better communication, more visibility more credibility and before long more profitability. Best of all you will have more fun and have less stress and closed more business.

That’s my opinion, what’s yours?

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Nightmare On Presentation Street – 7 Nightmares When Making Presentations And How To Overcome Them

In the many workshops on public speaking and on making presentations that I have attended, many participants when asked about their worries usually produce a very similar list of factors. The top 7, in no particular order, are listed here with some suggestions of overcoming them.

1) Butterflies in the Stomach

Nervousness is I think the number 1 nightmare when making presentations. This topic has been written and discussed countless of times. Instead of discussing it further let me suggest a few ways which can help alleviate the butterflies.

a) take some deep breaths before you start (nerves tend to make you breathe more shallowly and starve you of oxygen), and remember to breathe as you go along

b) take a sip of water before you start

c) do not eat a heavy meal before a presentation

d) do not eat nothing (or rumbles may join the butterflies)

f) alcohol do not help. Don’t drink it before a presentation

2.) Having a Dry Mouth

This symptom is easily cured. Never attempt to speak without a glass of water in front of you. Even if you do not touch it, knowing it is there is a comfort.

3) Hands

Many do not know what to do with their hands during a presentation. The best solution is to give them something to do – hold the lectern or a pencil, make the occasional gesture – then forget about them. Thinking about them as you proceed with your presentation make matters worse.

4) The volume of your voice

Many people state that the do not know how loud to speak. The solution is, just imagine you are speaking to the farthest person in the room (if they were the only one there you would have little problem judging it), better still, try before hand

5) Hostile Reaction

In most instances, everyone including the audience wants the presentation to go well. They are disposed to be on your side. The only thing worse than standing on the platform knowing that you are not presenting well is being in the audience: think about it

6) Not having sufficient material

This nightmare can be completely eradicated if your presentation is well prepared. When you prepare, prepare and then rehearse and rehearse, you will know if you have the right amount of information

7) Misjudging the timing

Many people are afraid that they are going to o fast or too slow. They are also afraid if they do not cover enough during the presentation. That is where research and preparation comes in. Speaker notes may be useful in this instance.

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The PowerPoint Presentation Would Suck Without You – The Smart PowerPoint Presenter

Have you been through long-hour seminars or talks where the presenters actually using less PowerPoint (PPT) slides and their presentation really inspire their audience? If you ask the same question to others, you would get mixed responses from them. One common thing about these presenters is that they have improvised their speech and brief through each and every PPT slide before they start presenting them to their audience.

How could you exactly become one of these talented presenters in order to improve your presentation skills have better engagement with your audience?

In this case, let’s us call these talented ones as “Smart PowerPoint presenter”. They usually make PowerPoint looked obsolete but they primarily need them for better engagement with their audience. Here are a few tips that you can follow to train yourself to become a smart PPT presenter:

1. Always study your material wisely – You need to understand the whole material before you start delivering them to your audience. Then, you need to highlight as many important points as possible which are later included in your PPT slides.

2. Simplify your important points and summarized them into a few short lines – You must not copy the whole context into your slide – i.e. copy-and-paste paragraphs into your PPT slides. Avoid using unsuitable abbreviates which are grammatically incorrect when you are truncating long sentences. Therefore, you need to use short phrases like “Make a Better Plan” instead using the whole sentence – i.e. “How to Make a Plan Today”.

3. Treat these slides as your cue cards – Once you have study your material properly and you need cue cards to remind your next line or to make sure you are following the sequences of your presentation. Thus, you can treat these PPT slides as your cue cards, instead using cue cards which are made of paper.

4. Use the basic slide template – Take Steve Job’s presentation as an example, he usually use dark-colored slide layout (dark blue or dark purple colored background) with white colored text. Such template works perfectly in any occasions including meeting with your clients, giving out a public lecture or seminar and etc. Furthermore, using such basic template could boost productivity when you are preparing your PPT slides.

5. Cut down those unnecessary parts of your presentation – This is the most difficult part, which is cutting down those slides or scripts that are redundant. Hence, you need to improvise your speech and review all your slides for several times so that you can reduce those unnecessary parts appropriately.

Let’s us make a vow that we can become a smart PowerPoint presenter so that we can gain good rapport from our audience.

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Presentation Skills – Expressing Your Ideas Effectively

So, you have the MBA degrees and the 15 year experience to back it up? Yet, you still lack the ability to communicate ideas to colleagues, juniors or your CEO? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Too many people in the corporate world lack effective presentation skills and this keeps them back from fully conveying brilliant ideas to others. Improved presentation skills can help you deliver more concise and passionate presentations that are not endlessly monotonous, irrelevant and non-persuasive.

The Reasons Behind Poor Presentation Skills
One of the main causes for less than impressive presentation skills is the fear of public speaking. Few of us relish the idea of standing up in a room full of people and conveying a message or idea to them. Unfortunately, most people, instead of polishing their presentation skills, opt for the use of fancy PowerPoint tools to substitute for the anxiety they feel while presenting to an audience. Such tools are no doubt important, but they cannot be used in place of preparedness, research, or enthusiasm for the topics of presentation. These tools are, at best, useful for adding value to an already well prepared presentation.

How You can Improve Your Presentation Skills
All audiences cannot be addressed in exactly the same way. In some cases, an audience may be favorable to you, in many others, they may be distrustful. The same standardized presentation will not work for all cases. Different presentation skills need to be used relative to the audience you are presenting to.

For a truly, effective presentation, making eye contact with your audience is a must. Whether it is a small group or a larger audience, creating and maintaining some degree of eye contact will help the audience connect with the presenter and dissolve any feelings of discomfort they may have. The most successful speakers constantly move about on the stage to engage their audience. Movement is a time tested method for conveying your ideas with emphasis. Your physical posture should be confident and full of energy and enthusiasm.

Equally important is your passion for the product or idea you’re selling. Audiences are quick to gauge when you are not sincere about your message. In other words, if you don’t believe in it yourself, you will never be able to convert others to your way of thinking regardless of the flowery prose or slick slides that you use. Learning the secrets of the best presentation skills will enable you to convey the benefits of your product or message to the members instead of giving them a whole lot of information about something they may not necessarily have any interest in. Honing your presentation skills will help you to better connect with your audience which will create a better chance of convincing them of your message and converting them to your point of view.

These are just a few ways by which you can better your presentation skills. You can benefit immensely from presentation skill training programs and seminars. They will help you overcome the any presentation issues that you may have and will pave the way toward a more successful career.

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Importance of PowerPoint Templates for Your Business Presentations

As a business owner in today’s competitive cut-throat business environment, you need always to be in a position of advantage when it comes to winning over new clients, partners and investors. A business usually has multiple stakeholders as you cannot do business in isolation. There are investors who help the business set up capital, partners who steer the business towards growth, consumers, clients and even vendors are all important stakeholders for a successful business. Very often you are required to make very detailed business presentations to convert these interest groups to make decisions in favor of your business. As such, making a good PowerPoint presentation is a big deal for your business.

For successful business presentations, design is as important as the content itself. Presentation design plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness of a presentation. Proper selection of the background design for a presentation can have substantial effect on the kind of impact that the content has on your audience. You need to create a business presentation that is unique, appealing, intriguing and easy to read and assimilate.

But, it can be daunting and intimidating to create a presentation that is informative as well as attractive. However, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create beautiful PowerPoint slides as long as you use PowerPoint templates. The following are just some of the many reasons why you should use these PowerPoint templates for your business presentations.

Adding that aesthetic appeal

PowerPoint templates designed by experienced and professional designers usually have aesthetic edge. Professionals create themes keeping in mind readability, harmonious and effective color schemes and typefaces to suit all kinds of presentations in every setting. Moreover, the templates reduce the production time of creating a visually appealing and effective presentation. Customizing presentations from scratch takes a considerable amount of time and positive results are not guaranteed if you are not an experienced designer. Based on their experience, professional designers understand the optimal combinations that make a presentation effective and catch people’s imagination.

Variety of themes to choose from

Taking recourse to custom design for PowerPoint presentations is sure to be costly. As such, if you are working with limited budget, using predesigned PowerPoint slides is the best option. With a good database of designs at your disposal, you have so many themes to choose from.

Original work

With online databases of design templates having multiple designs on different themes, you are sure to find an original design for your special presentation. The teams which create these pre-formatted PowerPoint templates have seasoned designers who infuse a lot of individual creativity into their design work. This ensures variety of templates for you on every theme you chose for your presentation.

Portability of templates

Design templates purchased and downloaded from an online library are often have cross-platform compatibility. It means they can be used with different operating systems and content editing software.

Considering the above mentioned points we can safely say that using pre-designed PowerPoint templates can help you make your business presentations effective. Templates make the process of creating a presentation as easy as falling off a log.

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