Do You Really Need to Attend An FHTM Business Presentation To Build Your Business?

Many people often wonder if it’s necessary to attend an FHTM business presentation to succeed in the business. This question will obviously garner different responses driven purely by the individual’s subjectivity. However, to be fair, let’s look at why you should attend and why it’s also OK to leverage alternative methods of prospecting for your business.

Obviously, the primary reason for attending an FHTM business presentation is to get you and your guests engaged and activated through the FHTM community and their success stories. Let’s face it, it’s hard to attend a live network marketing meeting event without the main guest speaker masterfully electrifying the crowd with enthusiasm and hope.

From that perspective, an FHTM business presentation can be a powerful recruiting tool for distributors. In essence, it removes the burden of you having to be an expert closer and places it on the hands of a master sales person who can truly invigorate your guests through the power of dream building and other communication techniques. Consequently, you stand a much better chance of enrolling your prospects to the business when you get them to these types of events.

On the other hand, many modern-day network marketers feel that an FHTM business presentation is not really necessary anymore. Internet marketing trends like social media and video marketing provide a platform that brilliantly leverages technology to build a powerful personal brand and bridge communication gaps. It also places the emphasis on you and your personal attributes–not so much the company.

Blending internet marketing with your network marketing business model has proven to be as effective, if not more effective than a live FHTM business presentation. That’s because by building a brand centered around your unique leadership qualities and making it easily accessible online, you allow people to connect with you at more personal and intimate level. This creates powerful rapport that encourages your prospects to believe that if you–a real person just like them could succeed–then so can they.

So do you really need to attend an FHTM business presentation to be successful? In the end, that’s a matter of choice. While it will require more skill and patience to build your FHTM organization via that route, it certainly does work. For a growing group of individuals, however, nothing beats the power, speed and leverage of building your business on the internet today. This is the path that will work best for 97% of network marketers who have historically failed in MLM in the past.

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