Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas to Make the Perfect Present

Gift wrapping is part of the ritual of giving and receiving that we all treasure. Whether it’s simple Christmas wrapping paper, colored tissue or an elaborate gift bag with all the trimmings, the way you wrap a gift tells the recipient how much you care.

It’s interesting that very small children often value the wrapping as much as the gift. They are excited not just by the act of ripping open the package but also by the box and the paper itself. Many moms will remember having to rescue gift paper from a toddler’s mouth and vainly trying to interest the child in the actual gift.

Many people save Christmas gift wrap and ornaments and recycle them for future use. It’s always a good idea to keep a stock of paper, ribbons and small trinkets handy to ensure that you can produce a present wrapped in a way that reflects your own taste as well as that of the receiver.

It’s so easy to personalize your gift with unusual tags, decorations or colored ribbon. Here are some suggestions:

  1. You can create your own tags very easily by recycling cards that you have received and cutting around the images you like with pinking shears. All you need to do then is make a hole with a hole-puncher and thread pretty ribbon through it to attach it to your gift. This works especially well at Christmas since you can create the tags from the previous year’s cards and make the new season’s card list at the same time. Children love helping with this task — although you need to be sure to give them scissors that are safe for them to use and it may be better if you avoid giving them the hole puncher.
  2. Another recent trend is to add dried flowers, sequins or feathers to your gift. These can be a charming touch especially if you use scented varieties, and you can be sure that they will be treasured and probably passed on to another happy recipient.
  3. Seasonal themes work well with these types of additions, whether it’s spring flowers or fall leaves. You can find a lot of these materials at craft shops for very reasonable prices. Use these stores for inspiration too. One novel idea was to add a range of pretty buttons to the outside of a gift to create a unique look. Of course, you can also add scent yourself by spraying lightly with your favorite perfume.
  4. Some people also enjoy adding wrapped candy or chocolate, either on the outside or in between the layers of paper enclosing their gift. This is reminiscent of the traditional children’s game ‘Pass the Parcel’ in which one layer of paper was removed from the well wrapped gift each time the music stopped. Thoughtful moms made sure that there was at least one small treat inside each layer.

Overall, you want to be sure that the experience of receiving and unwrapping a gift is rewarding in itself, not just because of the item inside. Both the giver and receiver will know how much thought and care has gone into the giving. It may not be just the thought that counts, but thoughtfulness adds an irreplaceable touch and great gift wrapping is a way to showcase that.

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